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    Serrano Sisters ECF
    Welcome the Serrano Sisters to ECF!
    Official GYM of the Serrano Sisters

    The Serrano Sisters Cindy and Amanda, are world champion female siblings. Both sisters hold multiple world championship titles. Cindy is a three time, three division world champion, and Amanda is a five time, four division world champion - And they chose ECF!!!

    We are honored to have them, and welcome you to come train with this caliber of champion at the ECF gym!

  • ECF MMA Events
    Flo Combat ECF MMA
    ECF Professional MMA Events in NY
    Now Available on Flo Combat!

    When we say the ECF is a world class GYM and fitness center, we really mean it! Our fighters compete in both local and national MMA competitions, Boxing events, Ju-Jitsu matches and more. Including our own ECF fighting promotional shows. Our fights are viewed by millions, including our new venue FloCombat.com that streams them live.

    Train with champions just to get in shape, or train to be a champion and prove it - Only the ECF can offer this level of versatility, experience and dedication to you.

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    ecf ju-jitsu classes
    We Train Champions
    Train with Jiu-Jitsu, MMA & Kickboxing Champions

    Train with champions! Our coaches and students compete in amateur and professional MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and Wrestling events. Including our own ECF events. You can train with, or to become, a champion here... Call today for a free session and see why the ECF is the home of champions!

Martial Arts Classes

The ECF MMA Gym is a world class Mixed Martial Arts Academy and Fitness Center. We specialize in all Martial Arts programs and have an amazing staff of qualified Coaches to ensure you achieve your goals and aspirations!

Our programs have an emphasis not only on Martial Arts, but on fitness as well! We pride ourselves on our ability to help you lose weight, build muscle, and improve athleticism, as you learn real life applicable self defense and fighting techniques!

Our gym is a team based environment with a family and friends feel. You can expect to smile, laugh, and have fun constantly throughout your workout, all while being pushed to be the best you that you can be.

We welcome all students to join our family as we improve our lives through Martial Arts and Fitness Training.

We have students from 3-70 years old, professional and novice alike. Come down today for a FREE CLASS and see why the ECF is the choice of Champions.

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